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Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji is the top Best astrologer in Delhi with around 15-20 years of experience in this field. With his prior knowledge in astrology solutions related to marriage, love, divorce, health, matchmaking, horoscope making solutions, career-related, and many more depending upon the client’s needs.

He truly believes that there is a spiritual cure to every problem you just have to find the best astrologer who is having the best knowledge of this spirituality, Vedic astrology, and the cures of it. Rajesh Shrimali ji is chief editor of GRAHA RAHASYA Magazine, which is based on astrology and spirituality.

He providing his astrology services all over India and he also visits abroad for consultancy services ones in a year. He has around 25000+ clients all over India and abroad too and those clients have got the best solutions for their life and career related Problems.  Even these people have experienced these cures into the positive results.

Best astrologer in Delhi Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji

Our Services

Consult Horoscope

Rajesh Shrimali ji is specialized in rendering Horoscope Consultancy Service to widespread people, who belong to any religion, state, or country. Our Horoscope Consultancy embraces every aspect of life starting from the birth of a child to his or her education, health, career, marriage, etc. Predicting good as well as bad times of life and providing them with effective solutions is our sole motive.


Normally match-making is done at the time of marriage. For match-making, Shrimali Ji makes the Kundali of both, boy and the girl, and then he analyzes that out of 36 gunas how many are matching and if there are a very min percentage gunas that are matching with other, he then suggests some cures for that so that both of them does not face any future difficulties. Though he says that it is not necessary that match-making is only used at the time of marriage but it can be also used for ensuring their compatibilities.


Top Astrologer Rajesh shrimali offers the best service for  Kundali Visheshan to all his clients. Kundali is made with the perfect methodology concept and with the proper birth and age calculation. For Kundali Vishleshan clients only have to give their date, time, and place. By all these things Shirmali Ji makes their Kundali and figures out all the good and bad things happening in person’s life and then he suggest the most possible solutions according to Kundali Reading.

Marriage Related Issues

Many people in today’s generation have not got married due to his or her Kundali Dosh problems. Rajesh Shirmali Ji the best astrologer, deals with hectic marriage problems. He analyzes all the problems through kundalini and tells that how many dosh they are having in kundali, and by seeing all these issues he suggests the best cures. Astrology is the best way to get rid of all the problems related to marriage issues and many other problems too. Shirmali Ji is also famous for the Vashikaran solution, which is mainly used for love marriage.

Job/Career Questions

Want the best accurate consultancy regarding your career and job issues? Everyone is confused related to his career or job issue, what job or business they should go into, and will this work will lead to success or not? For all these questions Rajesh Shirmali Ji, The Best Astrologer in Delhi is the most experienced astrologer consultant to suggest you the best for your career or job predictions and with his knowledge of Kundali analysis, he will suggest you with the best possible solutions regarding your career.


Best Astrologer Rajesh Shirmali Ji works on numbers very well and the energies that are running inside our bodies, this is commonly known as numerology. Rajesh Shrimali Ji works On the birth date and the letters of our name and after analyzing all these things he tells about all the strengths, weakness, problems we are facing and after analyze all things he suggest what  are the best possible solutions for this way to improve this.


Rajesh Shrimali is not only expertise in Vedic astrology but also has the best knowledge of Numerologist, palmists, and gemology and even in Vastu shastra. He is the most preferred astrologer in India as his, research, and work on “Kundali Analysis”a major department of astrology is beyond comparison, nobody has done a  completed analysis as much great research on astrology and numerology. He has completed in this precise challenge in astrology to provide the foremost services to clients and resolves every problem related to their life and career.

Shrimali Ji is a great resource that offers future prediction services like Astrology, Astrology Verdict, Horoscope Analysis, Match Making, Marriage Compatibility, Business Astrology, Career Consultancy, Numerologist, Relationship Problem, Palmist, Vastu Remedies, Manglik Solution, Rudraksha, Black Magic Problems, Vashikaran Problems, Gemologist, Education Problem etc based on exact date, time, and place of birth and other parameters of a person.

His client base incorporates average citizens, corporate people, and so on. He works on each horoscope using Vedic astrology to help understand what are your strengths and weaknesses and what are your abilities. As we all know that none of us have seen the future but we can always take the help of a certified astrologer and take measures to avoid uncertainties.

Although Shrimali Ji who is best Astrologer in Delhi, is working all over the India, so take appointment or contact him to resolve your problem. If searching Astrologer in JodhpurAstrologer in JaipurAstrologer in DelhiAstrologer in MumbaiAstrologer in IndoreAstrologer in AhmadabadAstrologer in Baroda then connect with us

Consult Online Best Astrologer in Delhi:

If you are curious to know about your future, Vedic astrology is the best answer to your question. Nowadays most of the people find the field of astrology interesting. So, you can know about your destiny by consulting the best astrologer in Delhi NCR – Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali ji who has extensive knowledge of the movement of planets and stars and it is strongly believed that these factors have a direct impact on character and future. make an impact. a person. So, if you wish to know the right time to start any business or the best time for your house inauguration, then book your appointment or chat with the Best Astrologer in Delhi NCR that offers you the finest solution for your problem.

So counsel him for the guidance and master you need in your life, be it for getting an answer for the issues you face in any social status or the best approach to develop with positive vibes. Contact Today on 9829024288 to Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji who is one of the Best Astrologer in Delhi “Shri Rajesh Shrimali” for immediate solution of your all problems and curiosity regarding your life. Schedule an Appointment for every solution.  

He is one of the best astrologer in Delhi who has being giving Solutions to all the people out there with his immense knowledge of his astrology, numerology, gemology, vastu shastra, Vedic astrology and they even provide with handmade horoscope in which they predict all the things that will forecast for over 20 years. Rajesh Shrimali also provides all the types of gemstones and Rudraksha recommendation according to the people’s horoscope and need.

Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji Best Astrologer in Delhi as well in India
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What Clients Are Saying

My name is Rohini. I want to tell you all, that my married life has changed a lot with the solutions given by Rajesh Shrimali ji. He analyzed my horoscope and gave me some surefire remedies! Now my husband and me are happy in Our married life
I want to thanks Rajesh Shrimali Ji who is Best Astrologer in Delhi, that his remedies has changed my life a lot with the best astro solutions given by him. He analyzed my horoscope and gave me some good remedies!
Vikas Sharma
I was Facing too many health problems in my life. I honestly say that Rajesh Shrimali ji is the best astrologer in Delhi who cure my all problems with his prior knowledge of astrology also made my horoscope.
Amit Kumar
I want to make my horoscope and search many astrologers on the internet. I found Rajesh shrimali and trust me he is one of the best astrologers who made my Kundali very well. I recommend to all people for shrimali ji.
Komal Vyas


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