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Normally in India or anywhere else. What does Anyone search for in his/her future husband or wife?

His/Her height, color, behavior, financial position, and family background. But it’s not enough.

For perfect matchmaking you need a perfect Shrimali Astrologer and here is your search end.

Because astrologer Rajesh Shrimali is a perfect astrologer and horoscope reader and matchmaker in India who uses the Vedic astrology process for Kundali Milan for marriage and he uses major aspects for horoscope matching for marriage.

Number One – Gun Milan –

how many gun (गुण) matches between a boy and girl a total number of guns is 36 if the gun is matched less than 24 Kundali is not matching.

Number Two – Mangal dosh or Mangal Prabhao (प्रभाव ) in Kundali

what is the position of mangal in both’s horoscopes, and if one is Manglik and another one is not, in case what is the possibility of marriage and how much does mangal affects their married life?

Number Three – Wealth and Financial Position-

What will be the financial position of both in the future and how much they will support each other to earn money and in making property and wealth? For that Shrimali ji sees the second house Kundali of both very deeply.

Kundali Milan

Number Four – Health and Fitness.

In modern times fitness is very important to point out. During Kundali Milan he also checks the energy levels of both, whether health problems are coming in near future or not. because fitness and energy level directly affects their sexual life. And a comfortable sexual life is a milestone of happy married life.

Number Five – Santan Bhav-

Santan Bhav is good or not? Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali confirms that both will not face any kind of problem in bearing a child.

Number Six – Nature –

Astrologer Shrimali also confirms during matchmaking or horoscope matching whether nature is matching or not. All match but nature is not matched. It means a horoscope or Kundali Milan is not perfect.

So, during horoscope matching or Kundali Milan, he takes care of all these points, so a perfect couple he can see. And the couple always thank astrologer Shrimali for perfect matchmaking and for a happy family and married life.

Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali provides services regarding horoscope matching for marriage, matchmaking Kundali Milan, or Kundali matching. He has experience of more than 15 years in the field of astrology and horoscope consultation we can say for Kundali Milan for marriage or for horoscope matching he is a perfect astrologer. For Kundali Milan you can make a call at +91 9829024288 or WhatsApp on the same number. You will get a satisfactory response immediately. 

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So, consult him before marriage for a happy married life and be a perfect couple

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