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Best Astrologer in Mumbai

NO 1 Best Astrologer In Mumbai

Rajesh Shrimali stands as the epitome of astrologer in Mumbai, earning the prestigious title of the city’s No. 1 Best Astrologer In Mumbai. With a profound understanding of celestial bodies and their influence on human lives, Rajesh Shrimali has guided countless individuals towards clarity and fulfillment. His astute predictions and compassionate approach have garnered him immense respect and trust among his clientele.

Specialist in Astrology, Astrology Verdict, Horoscope Analysis, Match Making, Business Astrology, Career Consultancy, Numerologist, Relationship Problem, Palmist, Vastu Remedies, Manglik Solution, Rudraksha, Black Magic Problems, Vashikaran Problems, Gemologist, Education Problem and more.

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best Astrologer & Kundali vishleshak

Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji who is best amongst astrologer in Mumbai city as well in India  amongst other Jyotish, also an experienced astrologer from Rajasthan, began Astrology in 2006. Expert in Astrologer, Kundali Vishleshan, Match Making, Vastu, Numerology and more.

Also available in PAN India & Abroad.

Call: 24×7 +9198290-24288 for online horoscope consultation in mumbai

Major service zone:  Jodhpur, Jaipur, Delhi, Indore, Ahmadabad, & Baroda.


Rajsh Shrimali ji

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Astrologer In Mumbai - Our Expertise

If you are a Bollywood Actor,Bollywood Actress,TV star,Model or A struggler as actor,musician or TV shows participant in Bollywood. And want to know about your career and success rate in film industry. You must consult your horoscope with world fame astrologer Rajesh shrimali ji. He is best Bollywood Astrologer In Mumbai. And ensure you for 100% secrecy.


Kundali Vishleshan

If you need a perfect astrologer to analyse a horoscope. you are on right place. There is nothing to say from your side. Shrimali ji himself will tell you past of person of each and every house and than forecast his/her future also. In complete kundali vishleshan your every house and planet position and it’s effects on your life will be clearly presented by astrologer Rajesh shrimali ji.


Career Astrology

Shrimali ji The best career consultant because he thinks after a certain age or experience in job every one plans to start his/her own business. and most of the time in age between 35 to 45. But there is always a confusion about it. That he/she will be successful in business or not? And which kind of business is suitable for me as per my horoscope. So your This question over here.


Relationship Astrology

Love is very important part of life. When a person in love his/her thoughts become very emotional. So what is value of your emotions? In eyes of your lover and what kind of person he/she is? Is this relationship will be Mature? Is your partner or lover serious about you? Is there a change of love marriage? What will be health and financial position of your partner in future? 


Match-Making Astrology

Perfect match-making makes everything great in a married life. If a couple is happy and living with prosperity and good health without tension, it means they have a good matched horoscopes. Opposite side couple is fighting every time,facing many kind of problems on every day life. Not happy and satisfied to each other. Or planning to go for Divorce and confuse to take a final decision. Don’t worry just consult with best astrologer Rajesh shrimali ji for it. You will get a perfect and final opinion as per your stars and birth-chart.


Vashikaran Specialist

Now in days every where is super competition. And when someone can’t beat you in field he/she uses other negative ways like black magic and other toone tatke. In single side love often people use vashikaran tricks to get love back. These activities directly effect your life and you can’t find out what is going wrong and why every thing is being going out of control. So Shrimali ji has expertise in removing black magic and vashikaran effects of anyone. And he can give you a good life and mental health,same confidence again.



In this Digital world every thing is operated by passwords and every password is a number. Your mobile number, vehicle number, account number etc.
Is it lucky for you or not? And what is your lucky numbers? Shrimali ji as a numerologist describes it for every individual. Vastu solution is also given by him and it’s without major sabotage. A good vastu place give you positive energy, prosperity and good health. So your search for a best numerologist and vastu consultant ends here.


Lal-Kitab Astrology

Lal-Kitab is very Ancient astrology system and it’s based on problem solution. Lal kitab also follows roles of vedic astrology but don’t give prediction. 
Most of Lal kitab solutions are also know as “shrimali ji ke totke”. In this Lal-kitab process you can get very simple totke and upay to solve your problem with out any cost. Astrologer shrimali also creates handmade horoscope with lifetime predictions of individual, in which he covers all houses and dasha effects with possible happenings.


Education & Study Selection

Subject selection is very complicated task for all parents. And this single right decision can make your child’s future bright? So what direction or subject is good for your child as per her birth chart and must find out before study selection. And some students are very intelligent but not serious about studies and some are very serious about studies but don’t get as per result. One consultation with astrologer shrimali will give a 100% proper directions to your spouse life and career.


Sex & Jyotish

Sex is called 2nd pillar of married life and in relationship too. If your partner is sexually not fit it means you are making a compromise in relationship and the compromise will not move in a long term relationship so far. So for better sex life your partner and you must be fit. Sometimes due to poor position of Venus or 5th house, people face such kind of problem. In remedy section of astrology there is solution for the same. Hundreds of couples are now enjoying a better sexual life after taking consultation to shrimali ji.

 Award-Winning Best Astrologer in Mumbai

Rajesh Shrimali stands as a beacon of expertise and insight in the realm of astrology, earning the prestigious title of the 

best astrologer in Mumbai. With a profound understanding of celestial bodies and their influence on human lives, Rajesh Shrimali has garnered widespread acclaim for his accurate predictions and invaluable guidance. His unwavering dedication to the ancient science of astrology coupled with his compassionate approach towards his clients has propelled him to the forefront of his field. Through his profound wisdom and intuitive abilities, Rajesh Shrimali continues to illuminate the paths of countless individuals, helping them navigate life’s complexities with clarity and confidence.

Famous Astrologer in Mumbai: Rajesh Shrimali Ji


Famous Astrologer in Mumbai: Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali ji is a world famous and renowned astrologer, born in Vedic family environment. With his years of experience, he has become the best astrologer in Mumbai and is working in astrology since childhood and has generated his own Vedic approach while studying. Top Astrologers in Mumbai | Online Astrologer in Mumbai.

World Famous Astrologer- also known as Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji, is a simple person with a logical inclination towards astrology. Everyone in Mumbai knows that it provides best astrology services in Mumbai and all over India and has helped many people to lead a life free from stress and tension.

If you have question about that is, who is the best astrologer in Mumbai? who is Genuine astrologer in Mumbai? who is the best astrologer in India? who is Online Astrologer in Mumbai? who is the best astrologer in South Mumbai? one answer to all these questions Rajesh Shrimali Ji.

Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji is an expert in Astrology Verdict, Horoscope Analysis, Match Making, Marriage Compatibility, Business Astrology, Career Consultancy, Numerologist, Relationship Problem, Palmist, Vastu Remedies, Manglik Solution, Rudraksha, Black Magic Problems, Vashikaran Problems, Gemologist, Education Problem & more.

World Famous Astrology in Mumbai

Astrology is shunned by people stating that it is not genuine. However, the number of believers in the science has anyway out-numbered the number of people who say otherwise. The major drawback of believing in astrology is that finding an astrologer in the city becomes challenging. Online Astrologer in Mumbai If you have been looking for the so-called best astrology services in Mumbai, it is essential that you do a thorough background research before signing up for one.

Even if you find a famous astrologer in Mumbai, it is not a given fact that they would be the best. Some of the astrologers in Mumbai charge you an exorbitant amount for a regular consultation which is not even helpful for you. Therefore, keeping out a keen eye for the genuine astrologers in Mumbai, can help you find what you are exactly looking for and make decisions accordingly. You can easily find the genuine astrologers in Mumbai after in-depth online research.

Online Astrologer in Mumbai

Watch out for services and testimonials on genuine websites. Most of the featured top astrologers in Mumbai would offer you a comprehensive range of services. It could be Kundali preparation, Kundali matching, birth chart correction, numerology assistance, Vaastu consultation, gemstone recommendations, career and business consultations etc. All you need to do is pick out a service which you want for allaying your fears.

Most of the time the amount charged would be lower which can create a sense of doubt such as if the astrologer is genuine or not. Rest assured, it is only a matter of trust. Most of the troubled individuals who look forward to a consultation, do not believe that a cheaper recommendation would be worth their time and often seek second opinion.

However, unless the facts work out as predicted, it is suggested that you stick one single astrologer to avoid multiple doubts. Multiple doubts lead to confusion and mistrust, which can often result in unwanted results when it comes to birth chart predictions.

Although Shrimali Ji who is Best Astrologer in India, is working all over the India, so take appointment or contact him to resolve your problem. If searching Best Astrologer in JodhpurBest Astrologer in JaipurBest Astrologer in Delhi, Best Astrologer in IndoreBest Astrologer in AhmedabadBest Astrologer in Baroda then connect with us

Counsel him for the guidance and master you need in your life, be it for getting an answer for the issues you face in any social status or the best approach to develop with positive vibes. Call Today on 9829024288 to Astrologer Rajesh Shrimali Ji who is one of the Best Astrologer in MumbaiShri Rajesh Shrimali” for immediate solution of your all problems and curiosity regarding your life.

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My name is Rohini. I want to tell you all, that my married life has changed a lot with the solutions given by Rajesh Shrimali ji. He analyzed my horoscope and gave me some surefire remedies! Now my husband and me are happy in Our married life
best astrologer in mumbai
I want to thanks Rajesh Shrimali Ji that his remedies has changed my life a lot with the best astro solutions given by him. He analyzed my horoscope and gave me some good remedies!
best astrologer in mumbai
Vikas Sharma
I was Facing too many health problems in my life. I honestly say that Rajesh Shrimali ji is the best astrologer in Mumbai who cure my all problems with his prior knowledge of astrology also made my horoscope.
best astrologer in mumbai
Amit Kumar

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Best Astrologer In Mumbai Frequently Asked Question

How can astrology help individuals in their day-to-day lives?

Astrology offers insights into various aspects of life including career, relationships, health, and finances. By analyzing planetary positions and their influence, astrology provides guidance and understanding to navigate challenges and make informed decisions.

What makes you stand out as the best astrologer in Mumbai?

My years of experience, deep knowledge of astrology, and a track record of accurate predictions set me apart. I prioritize empathy and understanding in my consultations, ensuring that clients receive personalized guidance tailored to their unique situations.

Are astrology consultations only for believers, or can skeptics benefit as well?

Astrology consultations are open to everyone, regardless of belief. While skeptics may approach with doubts, many find valuable insights and perspectives through the astrological analysis provided, often leading to a deeper appreciation of its potential benefits.

Can astrology help in resolving conflicts or challenges in relationships?

Yes, astrology can offer insights into the dynamics of relationships and potential areas of conflict. By understanding each individual’s astrological profile and compatibility, I provide guidance on communication, understanding, and potential resolutions to strengthen relationships.